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Hello and welcome to the beginning of my first RSX build. This will be mainly a record/journal for myself and future record to look back on. This build is not for internet fame and is purely for my own enjoyment. Some of you just may not agree or accept some of the mods I have planned out for this car, and that is just fine because we are all entitled to our own opinions and tastes. I'm just asking politely to keep all negativity to yourselves. I'm also sharing with you fellow RSX owners for those who will enjoy.

Just purchased the car 12/19/2015. I drove 12 hours from Nebraska to Ohio and back for it. And it was worth every mile. I am already very much in love with the car coming from the family of 90's civics and B series engines. Here are the specs.

2005 NBP RSX Type S
Let's start with the bad first.

-high mileage 163xxx
-lots of rock damage up front
-small rust scab on hood
-no cargo cover
-no floor mats
-moisture in passenger tail light
-OEM fogs damaged and not working

-1 owner
-car has been meticulously maintained
-always serviced at an Acura dealership its entire life
-have paperwork and records for all service at Acura
-non smoker
-flawless cherry interior
-no modifications
-milage doesn't matter because it's a project and will get built/swapped eventually
-rest peacefully in the garage because I have a daily



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Got a few things done so far over the weekend. First I decided to try and get some of the water and nasty crap out of the taillight.

So I pulled the rear bumper for the removal and found a nasty exhaust tip.

Decided to clean it up quick first. I just used some simple green and a wool pad.

Then put some rubbing compound and a quick layer of wax to finish it off.

Now back to the nasty taillights. I figured I try the old oven trick to get it pulled apart but soon found that's not the case with these taillights. So I ended up getting just the pointed edge of the seal open. Then I just kept working at it filling it with water and shaking it to break up all the nasty debris inside and draining it either out the end or through the bulb holes.



Then just resealed the end with JB. If you look close you can still see a few hard to reach pieces that were stubborn and wouldn't break free. You can also see where the water sat in there so long that it ate away the chrome housing. So this will do for now until I purchase a fresh taillight.

All back together

Also installed my Prosport Halo Series gauges that I had from my previous build.

Oil temp., oil press., and voltage


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Full H.I.D. Upgrade. Low beams & high beams are 6000k. Fogs are 4300k with yellow housing.I was able to use the stock foglight harness and switch. Also got some 42SMD LEDs for city sockets and license plate. And leds for all interior lights.
Ok on to the good stuff.

New set of OEM floor mats

Skank2 Lowering springs because my city roads are terrible and I don't want to sacrifice ride quality.

Skank2 Thermal TB gasket

And shift boot adapter. That's it for the moment, but I have some really nice Japanese parts currently on their way that you guys who defend authentic parts are really going to like. Stay tuned.

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few more updates.

S2000CR Knob


K-Tuned velocity stack with Vibrant filter

still waiting on the real good stuff as its coming from over seas...
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