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I have a nighthawk black pearl RSX type S for sale, clean title, pink slip in hand.

some modifications:
Authentic Mugen front and rear tower bars
Koni Yellow shocks and Ground Control coilovers
6000k HID head lights
3000k HID fog lights
Skunk2 shift knob
35% Llumar tint

still have stock shift knob, fog light covers, suspension and a carbon fiber buddyclub hood that will go with the car.

oil change every 4,000 miles with Mobil 1 synthetic oil
air filter changed @ 20,000 miles
cabin filter changed @ 30,000 miles.
new brakes and rotors @ 30,000 miles.
new toyo proxes 4's @ 35,000 miles

40,000 miles.

reason for selling, purchasing a BMW 335i coupe

email for pictures [email protected]

*edit* i will be taking it to the dealership as a trade in this weekend to get a estimated qoute. and if they offer 17k i will directly trade it in.


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i forgot to mention,
i have the energy suspension motor mounts installed by palmerblock (known member for installations)

i also forgot to mention i have the 100,000 mile warranty which i believe is transferrable.

one more thing, i also have the mugen pedals.

for the few people that e-mailed me interested in parts,
i haven't had time to go to the bmw dealership yet, so i gotten an estimate for my car yet. if i do trade my car in, i will part out. ONLY if i trade in.
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