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06-10 civic si ebay cold air intake fit rsx

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i did this cause i have a rsx-s and a 8th, i've bought this before when i was bolt-ons. i thought it would fit the rsx but gave up the idea when i cut it up to fit my n/a set up i have now on my civic. but, recently a friend sold me his for 22.00 used without filter. so i bought it and i went from the bottom. believe me its hard to take off the bumper and just to be trying stuff takes time, but the weird thing is you do not really have to remove the bumper you can install a cai by just removing the side water guard. so here i took the time to show you it works and my iat(*f) ranges from 58-65 degrees on k-pro.......

theres a intake that came out on ebay that looks like the rsx injen replica..

First you do not need to take off your bumper only if you want more room, but you need to remove driver side water splash guard, old intake system, and washer bottle...disconnecting battery would be good idea aswell, just incase you need to unplug any sensors....:eek:

i got mine used so this is the one i used

ofcourse i did have to mod the tube a little by wrapping it up with tape around the maf sensor hole and drill a hole and put a rubber adapter so the intake sensor will fit snug

i also plugged off my iacv sensor so its easier to install and take the heat off the coupler and tb...oh btw i have k-pro so dunno if it works with other aps.

now that you've done everthing its time to go in, you have to go from the bottom up and it should make it easy..i just bend the bracket to fit,etc,etc......heres how mine looked after i was bolted up direct and fit just fine the only thing that bites is its a ebay cai:shady:

if you use a 3"k & n filter you might have to figure out a way to push it in more( i melted the inside so it could go in more cause k & n filters have a guard so you don't push them in too much) any other good filter will work (fujita,aem, or injen)

save money and get the best results washer bottle can be ordered seperatly ..

i'll be updating the diy.... it sounds really deep and pulls hard..i love it...:vtec:

please do not post bad comments
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you didn't seriously just use duct tape on an intake did you...geeze
its just intake on bolt on set up not a n/a. besides if it rains and i'm stuck in floods i can always pull over and just open it up so i don't hydro lock..
haters gonna hate plus you cant even see the pipe so who cares what it looks like as long as it works :thumbsup:

right it sounds like they paid over 150.00 for there cold intake and you can pay way less for urs.. sorry guess trying to sell there injen cai's for 80 or more without filter :ugh: :shakehead
btw my iat temp was at 65 farenheit on k-pro so i know it works
lulz this is the kinda thing u keep to urself...

i don't mind saving people over 100.00 and have good mods at a fair price..

you didn't seriously just use duct tape on an intake did you...geeze

tex you cant beat proven name brand parts with your duck taped intake..... plus i thought an injen intake only missing the filter was a good deal for 75 bux.

its electrical tape :thumbsup:
maybe this thread will inspire a company to make a cai for a rsx at a better price :thumbsup:
link to the cai on ebay? where did you get the rubber thing for the temp sensor
got the rubber grommet at autozone in their miscellaneous dept. and its on ebay..

i don't know if this is the cai exactly because when i ordered mine the website was different..but this one looks like it i think :dontknow:|Model:Civic|Submodel:Si&hash=item3a61d223da
please close this
funny comming from a guy that roll's on cut springs on a s2000:laughat:

the ebay pipes are very thing metal, no heat resistance at all. the reason we buy name brand like Injen is because they are C.A.R.B. certified. making it 50state street legal, and the coating they put on the intake helps keep the heat away, some of them come ceramic coated. You dont get that off ebay. You wont pass inspection in certain states without a C.A.R.B. intake. Some states, if a cop pulls you over and sees theres no C.A.R.B. sticker on your intake, he will give you a fixit ticket and have it get re-inspected.
i totally agree with you, i was even thinking of spraying mine with a ceramic coating as well but i've too busy..will do soon tho:thumbsup:
fool that thing is sold rolling in a 08 frontier and an h3 sorry your still playing fast and furious with kids half your age :coffee:
calm down i'm only 29 and playing fast and the furious i heard ur getting a eg with ebay kit cause???? what you wanna be like rudolph and play in all the reindeer games??

hey guys im buying an eg!!! so ill be playing street racer with you guys again soon!! ebay turbo here i come!!
:stfu: your like the big hater just trying to ride my nuts :giggity:

back up fool or i'll back that ass up!!!!:finger:
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only cai made to fit rsx under 55.00shipped where can someone go wrong?? yeah yeah ebay cai i feel you but its a injen cai rep so now we know 06 si injen cai will fit rsx..
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