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Picked up a 2006 RSX Type S that was wrecked on the front passenger side. Did some pretty good damage to the wheel and lower control arm. I decided to swap everything out on that side to be safe and have already swapped in a new subframe. The issue/questions I am running in to pertain to the lower control arm, knuckle and ball joint...

I've done tons of reading, part number looks up and so on and I am still a bit confused...I found the knuckle for my Type S will fit all models 05-06 but the LCA will ONLY fit 05-06 Type S. I'm reading the reason for the LCA only fitting a Type S is because of the larger ball joint taper on them. Well it is tough to find a Type S being parted out around here and the ball joints seem to be made only by a few people.

So I bought everything (subframe, LCA's, knuckles w/ball joints) from a 2006 base model supposedly (subframe did not have the dampers that were added to 05-06). My main question is, why not just swap in all this base model stuff? The base model ball joints are easier to find than the Type S. I will just have to swap in bearings and hubs for a Type S to accommodate for the larger 36mm axles right? Planned on getting new ball joints, bearings and bushings any way so that situation works out quite nice...

I guess what is confusing me is why can’t I use any knuckle from any RSX, are the bearing and ball joint openings on the knuckle different sizes? Or is Honda just doing diff part #'s because the ball joint comes with it? What performance, if any, am I losing by switching to base stuff with a smaller taper ball joint? Is there going to be geometry issues? Or is the only bad thing here remembering to buy base ball joints when I need them? Thanks for reading through my jibberish and thanks for any replies!

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