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06RSXtypeS HelpNeeded!!!

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im just looking out for a friend , well he has a major problem with his rsx because it wont pass 120 so im guessing somethin's wrong with his car not just high end you know ?when they dynoed it , he dynoed at 235hp i dont remember the tork he has the papers i dont know if that sounds right , any suggestions what it could be i would appreciate it maybe theres someone that has had the same problem because they are having a hard time trying to figure it out , these are his mods as follows ....

I/RH/cut out
K Pro tuned
buddy club stage 2 Cams
with valvesprings retainers
and rbc manifold
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injector duty is maxing out. I have a similar setup minus the cut-out, using RDX 410cc injectors, the stock 310cc are not sufficient and can't put out enough fuel at those speeds with stage 2 cams. upgrade.
wait so with stag 2 cams im going to need bigger injectors so i can keep top end speed?
thanks alot Rensoyka! that has to be it , my friend said he is changing his injectors right away , if you guys wanna check out one of his videos racing , he is on the first page on the video section , i titled it rsx vs crx with slicks nitrous,
so you have similar upgrades have you ever taken her to the track ? if so whats your time ?
so you have similar upgrades have you ever taken her to the track ? if so whats your time ?
nope, never been on a track or dyno. I like to go out to the rural roads for fun drives, not really interested in what a clock says and I don't have the tires or suspension for the track.
I believe stock injectors are capable of pushing out 250whp max
unless you have done it, I wouldn't make that claim. one way however would be to upgrade to an aftermarket fuel pump with an adjustable pressure regulator. increase the fuel pressure to increase the flow. ungrading injectors is easier.
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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