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07 TL Wheels?

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I just wondering if anyone has tried these rims on their RSX yet, i think it would look sick

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Like the 06-below TL rims. But still interested to see what they would look like on a rsx.
nobody running these?
im in for pics if any1 is runnin on them. does look nice.
there are some peopel runnign ont he TL aspec wheels, do a serch, i can;t find them right now
05 RSX with TL A-Spec wheel pic

I had a set of the 05 TL A-Spec gunmetal ones... they were ok... here's a pic for you. I swapped them out for Rays.

Like Todd (RSX-CT) said to me: "they look too much like Scion wheels to me"... that pretty much sums it up.


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i think they are hawt! mind you we don;t have Scion's over here.

do you still have those wheels and will you sell them to me :)
Nah, they're LONG gone.
There was just a thread about the exact same thing. Search for it.
hey anyone know that if i were to get the s05 rims would i still be able to change the brake setup with one of the kits that say you need to have 17 in or larger rims...... is anyone running this type of setup
brought back form the dead.........
1 - 12 of 12 Posts
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