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100A problems

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Okay so I need a bit of help. My alternator went bad in my rsx so I got a new one and installed it . So that not the problem my problem is when I go to connect my battery terminals to my battery it’s makes the battery fuse 100A pop. I’ve looked over the whole car and really can’t find anything out of place. Again it wasn’t doing this until I changed my alternator out.
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Are you hooking up the battery backwards? Did you somehow ground the connection at the alternator? Recheck your work.

BTW, please refrain from posting with titles like Help, Need Help, etc. It doesn't do the search feature any good. A title with a hint of the subject would be better. Something like "100 Amp Fuse Pops".
I am hooking the fuses up properly. Wym ground the connection at the alternator. All I did was pulg the cord in? I didn’t disconnect the ground
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