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16x7 Gunmetal Rota Sub-Zero's with SIX tires! For you track nuts

I will be shipping off to basic for the Army in the next few weeks, and I need to free up some space and cash. The wheels are all in great condition, except one that has a bit of curb rash, which is shown in the pictures. It is still 100% functional. These are some of the lightest rims on the market, weighing in at only 14.5 lbs each!!

The tires are all used. 2 of them are Falken Azenis. There is still a little bit of tread left on them. Probably enough for one lapping day or trip to the dragstrip. The other 4 are Kumho Ecsta MX's. 2 of them have maybe 40% tread left, and the other 2 (unmounted) have quite a bit of tread left. The sizes of all tires are 205/55/16.

Looking for a local pickup, but will ship if buyer agrees to pay shipping, which should be around 125 (from previous wheel shipping experience)

Asking price is $500

The Kumho's that are mounted (with less tread)

The lip damage

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