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Hey guys, bought these rims a year ago and never got to put these on, so here they are! i do too much city driving and its just not reliable to have these on at the moment.

From previous owners sense i never installed:

Matte Anodized Red Barrels and lips with Gloss black hardware done by Espo's Powder
Front are 9.5 with 2 inch stepped lips ET 30
Rear are 10.5 with 3 inch stepped lips ET28

Front Tires are practically brand new and are Hankook Ventus V12 Evo 215/35/ZR19
Rear Tires have about 50% left and are Michelin Pilot Sport 235/35ZR19
the outer walls of the rear tires were shaved down by my fenders, not a lot but enough that there are no more letters on the face of the tire.

All wheels are in pretty good condition except for one of the rears has about 6 inches of light curb rash.

Text for a quick response 443-910-0664


Wheel#1 REAR

Wheel #2 REAR

Wheel #3 FRONT

Wheel #4 FRONT

Previous Owners Car Installed =]
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