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This is a perfect daily! This car had two owners and has been serviced at the dealership since day one. I have every service record for it including the original dealer plate (not that it matters). The previous owner did every service that was recommended by to do from the service department. She moved away and now I have it. You probably wont find another Accord that is this clean and this well cared for. $3,500 and I am pretty firm on this. If I don't end up getting what I want for it then I'll just end up keeping it. It's too clean and drives too good to give away.

Always serviced at Honda
Meticulously cared for by elderly lady
No accidents and everything is original
It drives as good as it looks

Very light scratches on the side mirrors, front bumper and minor door dings on the drivers door.
Also has a scratch on the clock and the adjustment door for it comes off if you open it. Other then that the car is pretty much perfect!

VIN: 1HGCB7664MA185821


1 - 8 of 8 Posts