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Hi Folks,

I am doing some last minute prep work for the " Auto Manual Swap " that's getting done this month.

Saw that my Shift Cable Linkage Assembly could use a replacement of the smaller bushing where the gear shift is.

Instead of paying $22 for some hard plastic from Hybrid, I did a $2 DIY and it came out perfect.

Here are the Hybrids . . .


I went to Lowes and spent $2 for a 2-pack of rubber grommets and a plastic bushing.

Used a Dremel to shave the outside of the white bushing, and then I cut the length
until it matched and fit inside the smaller shifter cable ring.

It is a perfect, snug fit. No jiggle wiggle . And no more sloppy slop.

Then I . . .
  • Applied some lithium grease to the bushing and then slid the cable end onto the shaft.

  • Applied some lithium grease to the rubber grommet side of the cable end and slid the retaining washer onto the shaft, plastic side first.

This should last awhile.

We'll see how it goes.


Here are some ALTERNATE DIY links for replacing a Shifter Bushing . . .

ALTERNATE DIY 1 ( for the piece )

First, you need to get a replacement bushing to fit the shaft and cable end. I measured the shaft diameter to be 0.317”. The inside of the cable end is 0.394” and its width is 0.235”.

The bushing size needed is 3/8” outside diameter and a 5/16” inside diameter by about 1/4" wide. I purchased some 3/8” diameter Teflon PTFE tubing with a 1/4” inside diameter and drilled it out to 5/16”. I then used a plastic washer between the shaft mount and the cable end. The tubing I used is no longer available from the supplier. However, if I were to do this again I would purchase one of these bearing components:

Note that the inside diameter might be a little tight. You can use a drill to open the diameter up a bit or cut it lengthwise to allow it to slide over the shaft.
I also found this posted a AcuraZine at :



Another DIY'er said . . .

I used a bunch of O rings on mine and it's been working well over 3 years now.
Rsx shifter - Google Drive

NOTE : Looks like he used about six (6) rubber grommets

Might be found here at

Hope this helps.

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