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like the title says..lmk ur needs
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02-04 rear driver side (left) BACK SEAT in black leather. pleaseeeeeeeeee :)

the one on ebay is a lilll too high and someone has to have one laying around on here... :pray:
03... rear seat make me an offer lol
just give me a price anything lower shipped than the ebay one and I will send payment today...
Glove box?
yep black make an offer
all hatch stuff still available
have a heated mirror switch and the switch panel?
PM me a price for all four AC vents in black and the BOSE radio. Thanks
Actually all I need is to 2 clips(stoppers) that snap into the sides on the inside of the glovebox. Will you part with just those?
nah whole box..
I need the privacy cover that goes in the trunk, pm me a price shipped to 98126... thanks
i need the headliner and the two front a pillers left and right of the windsheild?

shipped to 24701 prices
i NEED my suspension you promised to send 19 days ago.
bro u didnt even pay me three weeks ago. better look again
Yo...02-04 interior is different from 05-06
bro u didnt even pay me three weeks ago. better look again
going on 3 weeks now, and what does it matter?!? you said you were gonna send me the suspension the day after it was paid for. Where is my refund?!

Beware of srt42004n isnt trustworthy, he has been ignoring me and a paypal claim as i have been waiting since 9/15 for an item i bought from him which was supposed to be shipped the day after i payed him.

for details and proof

there are many others who have waited more than a month
1 - 20 of 30 Posts
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