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Hey guys, Im posting this for a buddy of mine, His RSX just wouldnt start one day after going to his work to pick something up and the car would crank and crank but not start suddenly.

His Dad thinks the timing chain snapped or jumped some teeth but listening to it crank just sounds off, There doesnt seem to be compression just from listening to the exhaust but he also didnt hear anything snap or break or anything when he first tried starting it, Id imagine youd hear something or the valves smash into the piston heads but no, nothing from what he heard the first time and it sounded fine to me other than just not hearing anything from the exhaust but im not sure, Never had an engine go out on me like that

Im coming from mainly working on Z's and Nissans and havent really touched a Honda/Acura, Was wondering what your guy's ideas and opinions are on this

I dont hear the fuel pump prime either so that may be the issue possibly but just curious about what you guys think going off what I know so far and where we should look first. Hes already planning on buying a new engine but hey if we can get the one thats in it going then itd save him a major headache haha

Thanks for your guy's time!
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