I have never been a member here but thank everyone for the information that I've found. Anyway last week I got my 2002 type S totaled with 98000 miles. Rear ended sitting at a light by someone most likely on their phone. Don't know what the insurance is going to offer or what they will want if I buy it back. Just looking for someone who might be interested in it. I purchased this car with 39000 miles and never beat on it. I'm 61yrs old and enjoyed driving it in the summer and hearing V-Tec but never was abusive. Trying to see if anyone is interested since I won't be able to have the car sitting around. The only modifications to the motor is a injen cold air intake and a Hondata reflash, I believe it's called. I attached some pictures from a few months ago and some from the accident. The engine has always performed flawlessly.