Mileage:283000 M
Trim:RSX type S (6-Speed manual transmission)
Engine running great, I drive the car in freeway mostly, the clear paint peel (the top layer), front driver seat need repair (as shown in the picture), condition other seats are very good, trunk condition is very good. The license plate is good until June 2023.
if look to engine and body, the car has Honda Label, like DC5 Honda Integra. as I far heard, (DC5) Honda Integra has been replaced (rebranded) by Acura (RSX) in US. if you see VIN#, DC5 is part of numbering, I dont know if it related to rebranded.
Actually I was planning to repaint and change some exterior the car, but I don't have money, Decided to sell it.
I'm selling the car As Is.

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