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2003 acura rsx type s

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S2K, jdm front integras, nbp ITR's
nothing a new driver and its original 2003 paint... so it could probably use a buff and polish... thats about it...
the reason i got the price at that is because i look around and i see all these factory dc5's going for a high ass price and hella miles... i kno factory is better but damn dude they be asking 11-13 for dc5's with 120+ miles... u kno... so if you think thats to high then iono what to tell you id lower the price but id keep my wheels and id have to think of other things to keep...
sry for the long ass time it take for me to respond i work 2 jobs so i barely get to a comp.
S2K lookin sexy hit me up... make we can work sumtin out
dude ur from roswell how the hell would we trade... lmao
yea 10K with some stuff off like the wheels most definately
nice swirling out the track numbers on the windshield loll
1 - 19 of 19 Posts
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