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2003 Rsx Type S for sale.

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Arctic Blue 03 type S
Low miles at just under 132,000.
I also did not renew the registration due to not driving it. I bought the car as a Salvage title as I was going to use it as a track car, just over a year later it's hardly left the garage. So it's time to sell it, I just dont have the time.
Everything works fine on the car, motor is good and no grinds in the gearbox. Its had radiator flush (oem fluid), oil change, new oem pads on the back. Sparky plugs are good. I was also told a new clutch was put in not long before I bought it.
Interior I would say an 8 only a minor tear in the deivers seat, exterior has the usual 16 year old scratches and some paint fade on the roof. There is some minor damage over the rear left wheel arch (not sure how it happened). Aftermarket 18x8's and a Type R style rear wing is on the car and the original wing is also there.
Apart from that car is stock
Asking $4500..


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1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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