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2004 RSX premium

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bought it last tuesday, like it so far. i got it cuase i wrote off my 2003 civic lx, its twice the car that civic was. anyways heres pics.


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Nice, congraz on the pick up.
I thought the premium models came with different rims? Or was that on newer years?
looks good so far, what are you goin to do to it?
planning on SRI, megan header, SP2 catback, then gonna figure out some sort of k-pro or reflash don't know much about it. and just whenever i get time gonna add a 12" woofer in the back, a nice set of components in the front, probably replace the back seat speakers, Alpine head unit, replace the lights inside the cab to red, cold cathodes under the seats and foot wells(will be red to match), gonna get a set of winter rims with studded tires, then maybe get a set of rims and tires in the spring, and 20% tint all the way around.

just slowly mod as i get cash you know? i make really good money doing my apprenticeship and i live at home so i can spend lots on toys, too bad i have so many other toys that need work.
congrats bro..
Nice. If I were you, I would take it to an autocross and then base your mods off of what you want to improve about the car. :thumbsup:
i already know i want better looks and more power.
you can tell its a premium because its got leather seats. i know because have the same thing but in ssm :thumbsup: nice pick up man!
Congrats man,love the color :thumbsup:
1 - 12 of 12 Posts
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