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many pics upon request:
locations: toronto, Ontario

Bow: 2006 Bowtech Allegiance VFT
60# 29" draw
Obsession Camo


Copper John Dead nuts Fiber Optic Site ( 2-3 pins )
Copper John Blue LED FO pin light
Wisker Bisckit Arrow rest
Oem Bowtech string&cable put on October 06 , still lots of life left
7-8 Goldtip Expidition Hunter Camo Arrows 7555gr
6 125 gr gold tip feild tips
3 Aftershock 125gr expandable broad head
braided wrist gaurd

Bow was bought in 06 , i used it for 2 seasons and am still using it until december 31 .. or unless i get a offer for it.... bow is in near mint conditions, anodizing is flawless, no dings , scuffs or bends..i have lots of pictures and can take alot more and post on request.. This bow has taken only a few deer and has been shot no more than 275-300 times... not sure if thats alot but i dont think soo... right now im taking offers on the bow, i know what i payed for it, and i have a sense of what im asking but i wana take some offers to see what the market for this is right now..

other items for sale:
Bowtech Wild thang stabilizer
Bowtech 4 arrow 1 peice quiver
Little Goose Arrow Release

if interested in the bow or any of these items please feel free to email me for pics or any questions concerning this bow.. Also bow with be shipped canada post , signiture and deleivery confirmation. And payment through paypal
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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