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So I spent most of the day yesterday cleaning my car, with an engine bay spray-down for the first time since I bought it and a crazy interior detail (Lexol & VinylX everywhere).

I went to check out how the construction of my new condo was coming along in the evening and snapped a few pics on my way back. I haven't posted many pictures before so this will be my official whore thread. I'll add more later on, including interior.

Mods are:

- Hondata reflash
- Fujita CAI
- Ingalls TD
- Rep. foglights with OEM switch
- Bushings at shifter & trans
- ITR shift boot
- '06 Si shift knob
- Front Type-S emblem
- Eibach Pro-kit on Aspec struts
- 24mm Progress rear sway with Hotchkiss endlinks
- SPC rear camber
- Falken FK452 in 225/45/17
- Amsoil everywhere (engine, trans, brakes)

- Audio:
Mb Quart Reference Series 6.5" Front CS
Mb Quart Discus Series 5.25" Rear Coax
Alpine CDA-9857 w/ KCE-422i iPod cable
Sirius Satellite Radio
Phoenix Gold 1 farad capacitor
RF 1000.1bd for subs
RF 401S amplifier for front mids and tweeters
RF 10" HX2 subs x 2 in a custom painted PWP fiberglass box
PG 1F capacitor

Thanks for looking, more to come later on :wavey:

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how do you like the ams oil in your car, where did you get the itr shift boot from
Amsoil in the transmission is a must IMO. I've been running it since new and had very few issues with pop-out or grind. I change it as often as I change my oil, cheap insurance since it's only about $15 for the 1.5L of MTX fluid.

I run 0W30 year-round in the engine with the Amsoil filter. They say the combo is good for 25,000km but I change it every 10,000 usually.

I tried to fit a DC2 ITR boot in originally but that didn't work very well so I ended up finding a whole ITR cupholder/console piece with the boot attached and removed it from there. It was pretty expensive IIRC, like $80 maybe?
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