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I'm posting up my daily driver for sale.

I bought it from the original owner in October with 32,939 miles. It's now coming up on 41k miles, and still has the factory warranty for another year (or 9,000 miles).

It has a clean title, with no accidents or bodywork of any kind. It's in great shape and is 100% bone stock. No mods of ANY sort, not even a shift knob or intake. I built a turbo Civic in college, so I know how easy it is to start dumping money into these, so I made it a rule of ownership for me not to ever mod it since it's my daily. :)

There are some minor dings here and there from daily driving in the city, and some scratches on the rear quarter panel area (pictured). It also will need new rear tires in the next 6 months or so, but I might replace them sooner. Stock Michelin's up front, good tread.

KBB Private Party value is $16,320. I'm willing to knock a few hundred off that for the rear tires and dings, but don't expect any miracles with the price.


Contact me if SERIOUSLY interested. Like I said, I'm using the KBB value of $16,320 as a starting point, but there's not much wiggle room or incentive for me to sell it.

Lowballers and tire-kickers need not apply.

Thanks for looking! Located in Minneapolis. PM me!
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