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2006 RSX Type-S Bad MPG

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In my 06 Type-S I’m hitting the gas light at around 220 miles on a full tank while driving economically. I’m posting the list of mods I have on the car that I think would affect MPG and I just wanted your guy’s input on why it might be so crappy. My assumption is that it’s my AEM Short Ram Intake but I’m not sure. Swapped out the spark plugs as well recently.

AEM Short Ram Intake
Injen Exhaust System
CE28 17” Wheels
235/45R17 Tires
Stock ECU
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I'd get the codes read. None of what you wrote would cause poor MPG. I imagine your CEL is always on due to exhaust system so you may not notice the real code. Do that first. How does it idle? My first for real bad MPG is the O2 sensor as it will send way to much fuel. You will have an 02 code for not having a cat, but ignore that one as it doesn't meter fuel.
Check engine light isn’t on and I had the codes read. Gave me back 0 codes so I imagine it would be something else? Car idles normally I would say. Obviously it has an exhaust system so it vibrates more than a normal car. Thank you for your input.
Sorry, been MIA for a couple of days but car is at around 85K miles now and turns out my clutch master cylinder was bad so I had that replaced. Also had the mechanics check my internals and sensors and they said the car is in tip-top shape.
1 - 3 of 17 Posts
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