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Well there is a first for everything!

Long story short....A man calls me to set up a time to meet and look at the RSX, we set a date and time that is compatible with our work schedules.....

He rolls up in his 2016 Porsche Cayman Black Edition ($60k MSRP) ok.

He wants a sporty, reliable, functional daily driver....well ok.

He looks at my car, expresses how he really notices how I kept it exceptionally clean...true statement

Then drives the car on the street and highway...complements how well it handles.

And after spending about 2 hours with me, decides to give me not one, but two different low ball offers.

End of story.
That def tops my top ten funniest, yet fu**** up selling stories I've read. I will now never let anyone test drive a car before hearing an offer. I felt ur pain on that one! GLWS. BUMP
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