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2009 civic si live pics

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Looks better then the current
ghey... looks the same... i thought they were gonna do a FMC in 2009. So sez
Looks better then the current
i concur.

although I still wish we got the jdm front/rear end
I like how the foglight bezel is color-matched and the front lip looks better....not sure I like the new grill though.
front lip, grill and fogs are horrible. honda coulda done way better. still in love with 06-08 !!!
damn i cant see them since im been baned 5 times there :(
gayb, you're on here?? :wavey:
gayb, you're on here?? :wavey:
ayoooo its dc5jimbo from 8th :rotfl:
the 09 sedan front bumper resembles the jdm front... just the headlights r different... even the grill is similar
Front grill reminds me of the toyota solara.
glad they got rid of the grill they "borrowed" from the 7th gen accord
i like the improvements they did with the 09 sedan, not sure bout the coupes though. the 09 sedans look much more aggressive with the 3 air ducts vs the single the 06-08 had. the new grill, suprisingly i like it.
I think they should take the hummer and ram the shit out of it
1 - 20 of 29 Posts
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