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Hello everyone. I've been having some pretty good luck autocrossing my ep3, so I thought I'd share my autocross build for everyone.

The ep3 and dc5 can run in the STF class in SCCA solo autocross events. STF enjoys a very liberal pax adjustment, so it's quite easy to compete with the big boys out there. I've taken 4 pax wins along with a 2nd and 3rd out of the last 6 events in central Texas. The competition around here is pretty serious with a number of current and former national champions at each event, so I couldn't be happier with the results of the little ep3.

Here's what my build looks like so far,

2002 Ep3 with 125K

CG seatbelt lock (awesome!)

Metal shifter and shift cable bushings

Injen short ram intake

Progress adjustable rear bar w/brace set at the lightest setting (24mm I think)

Front poly bushings (I've haven't been motivated to do the rear yet)

OTS Koni Yellow's (set a half turn at the front and a quarter turn at the rear from full stiff)

Ground control coilover sleeves with, 7" springs 370# front and 600# rear.
But, I actually just ordered 8" 420# fronts and 6" 750# rears.

15mm camber bolts (don't mess around with camber plates, I tried. You'll have to change the tierods to get your toe settings back and you can't do that within the rules)

15x7.5" Konig Lightspeeds with a 32mm offset

225/45-15 or 205/50-15 Bfg Rivals (32psi front 34 rear)

Alignment = max negative camber front (maybe two degrees) w/ 2mm toe out - one degree negative camber rear w/0 toe
(If it wasn't a daily I run a lot more toe out all around)

That's it! And the results have been amazing.


I just ordered all this goodness and need to install.

Hondata reflash

MBS 100cell high flow cat

DC Sports short header. Need custom 2.5" down pipe and a 2.5” mid pipe that eliminates the resonator and keeps the stock muffler.

Still to do,
Lightweight Battery
Frame and Suspension Bracing

Hope this helps if you're auto-xing, or if you're not you should really consider it, it's a blast.

Here's a video of my first pax win (right after installing the koni's) from a road course a few months ago, along with a bunch more at my youtube.
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