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not to brag, but i had an AWESOME time at the Niagara chapter of the porsche club of america's autoX event this sunday. we got 4 runs in between 9:30 and 11:30, it was only 10 bux (see, we were competing against the SCCA cuz they had a local event that day too) - and there were less than 20 cars!

anyway, i pulled off 3rd place (against an '80 911 coupe, 88 944, 85 944, a 944 S2 and 944 Turbo, as well as an e36 M3, a prelude and an integra (both honda guys were great, and got 2nd and 4th hehe). 1st place actually went to a double-digit-horsepower-civic that was running street-mod or something like that (completely stripped, roll cage, racing seats, yadda yadda). yeah ok so it's funny, but 4 hondas OWNED those porsches :p

still, gorgeous weather, generous event personell, beautiful german cars, plus cones = one damn fun weekend! :thumbsup: :thumbsup:
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