My dad doesn’t know the first thing about cars (he doesn’t even have a driver’s license and I swear I’m not even joking) and he’s gone out and bought an old Audi quattro. Now, this wouldn’t be such a big deal if he hadn’t bought it as a birthday present for me, but it was supposed to be a car from drifting! Meaning, it was supposed to be a rear-wheel-drive car, which it’s not. I love my dad and I don’t have the heart to burst his bubble because we’re already strapped for cash and he’s bought a car for me so I don’t wanna be a b*tch. But, I’m left with a problem.

Is there any way to convert a 4WD car to rear-wheel-drive so I can use it for drifting? I mean, I’ve been thinking about what to do for days now, and trading it in for another RWD car would be devastating for my dad, I just know it would. He went through all the trouble of finding and getting the car and now I’m supposed to replace it? I’m not gonna do that. I didn’t even know he’d get me a car even though I’d seen him gambling online at #1 Online Casinos Guide For Africa 2022 more often than usual. I now get that he was doing it to save up for the car.

Plus, we live just outside of Johannesburg and there aren’t many used car lots or garages in our area. I know a little bit about mechanics but not a lot, so can someone please advise me on whether this is possible and how best to make it happen??? Thanks!