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Welcome to the AED Performance Friday Night Street Shootout Series. These events are for Street Legal Cars and Motorcycles only. No Racecars allowed. RD hosts this series to accomodate racers in a fun safe and legal racing environment.

Entering the Street Shootout Series is easy, admission is just $10 to watch, $15 to race.

Fill out the Tech Card, and report to the tech area (located next to the Sunoco Fuel Station). An inspector will give your car a quick safety inspection and assign you a number. You are ready to make practice runs or match race your friends and family. If you want to race a particular car, notify the rear of staging official and he/she will direct you to the proper lane.​

Schedule - Gates open at 5 pm, runs from 6-10 pm, tech closes at 9 pm and lanes close at 9:40 pm.
Admission - $10 to watch and just $5 more to race!

Street Car Rules:
-Batteries must be mounted
-No delay boxes, trans brakes, dual line locks, air shifters or two steps (2-steps ok with manual transmissions)
-Mufflers are required (exhaust must at least extend to the back edge of the driver’s door).
- Helmets are required in 13.99 and quicker cars
- Working head lights and brake lights are required.
- Long pants are required
-Nitrous is permitted
- Seat Belts are required
- Slicks are permitted, must have a drive shaft loop on RWD vehicles
- All vehicles must have hoods
- No lexan windows permitted. All windows must be OEM glass (trucks with roll cages may have rear lexan windows)
-Front and rear bumpers are required on all vehicles
-Tube chassis cars are permitted only if vehicle has current tags, registration, inspection and insurance (all proof must be presented at tech each event).
Street Bike Rules
-No Wheelie Bars
-Working headlight and brake light
- Tags are required (does not have to be current)
-Rider must have shoes above ankles, leather gloves, Snell 95 or higher helmet, leather jacket and leather pants for ALL BIKES!
- Open to all 14.99 and quicker bikes only.​


Number: 804.467.9751
Address: Richmond Dragway
1955 Portugee Road, Sandston, VA 23150

If your interested in coming let me know so we can get a list going. :thumbsup:

1. Akaveli
2. J_naoto (Maybe)
3. Chris
4. Damaz

I Alwayz Haz Ava Hottiez
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It's not a big event. Every friday they have people come to the dragstrip and run the 1/4. Local cars and some bikes. I go once a year and everytime I check to see if anybody else might be interested in seeing what their cars can run.
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