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mex edition steve
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UPDATE 3/13/12:
pics of all work and old jobs will start on pg. 15 and onwards. starting a pic trail

I have been a installer for quite some time now. I used to charge cheap since i didnt have much vouches nor did i have much experience.. with now me having some vouches and also bought an assortment of tools.i can do basic installs from engine bolt ons, suspension eg( coils, sways, strutbars), exterior work( my car is a 06 front and rear converted), also car stereo systems(ranging from speakers to full three amp setups, navi, etc), i have plenty of vouches from the local guys here, or if you have a question and need help. feel free to pm me or hit me up on aim(stypes).

or for fast reply shoot me a txt at 951 295 6319
it might take me a while to reply.. so send me a txt wtih your user name and work you need done. or if you just need good old plain advice hit me up..

things i can install
Sidemarkers 60 dollars
diagnose problem: 10 dollars(meaning i inspect your car, i will tell you what's the problem then we go from there)
CAI, short ram intake,-40 for Injen CAI 50 for AEM, or Fujita, 30 for SRI
Hondata IMG 50
Fuel rail-25
Innovative mounts(3 piece)-70 or all 4 100
lowering springs or any spring work 100
coilovers 80 and if you want height adjustment it will be extra
sway bar front -30 rear 25
skunk 2.. or anything upgrading LCA's 30
rear camber kit 30
foglights 02-04 60
50 for 05/06
OEM lip kits
ITR wing.. or any other wing 30
exhaust, -30
race header -50
shorty header-50
stereo install,(from head unit, speakers, amps,subs,navi) pm me what you want done exactly
brake pad swap-30 for either front or rear
brake pad + rotor swap 40 bucks front or rear
oil change-10
S2K cluster or 05-06 Type S cluster onto your 02-04 RSX(pm me for price)
strut bars 20 front
30 for mid bar..
20 for rear strut bar
HID install- 30

i can also do work not listed here.. just txt or pm me and we will go from there
also if you need clutch work.. or engine work(as in rebuilding or wanting to upgrade cams build k24 motor etc. i can recommend BigWorm85.. he did my clutch and he's very knowledgable when it comes to the k-series on anything.. )

AND there' will be no discount thing you get if you catch me on a good day.. i'll throw in a beer or 2 while you're waiting :rotfl: dos xx or a corona. prices are good as it is.. if you dont like it you're more than welcome to experment yourself, or try it with some friend you know or take it to a shop then tell me my prices are high :rotfl:

also i ask if you were happy with the work i did feel free to vouch for me here on this thread

also im not limited to just RSX's.. i've worked on VW, toyota, BMW, ford, etc.. so yeah if you have a different car.. let me know
or if there is something you need done that's not listed here. feel free to send a pm. i know i dont have prices posted yet(im still working on it) but it's not expensive. lol.

[email protected]@i? supermanep3, RSX Toasty RSX, 909*DC5, eaze, dw914er,Oh U Fncy, phil's-s, sbkeuro2004, Henry1337DC5, STEVE-07, i'll add more as i go through who i did work for lol

mex edition steve
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bump! now how about those keys?? o_O
im meeting up with a porter this week that's hooking me up with some.. i didnt forget you.. :)

mex edition steve
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oh and thanks for the vouches guys :)

Joga bonito
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did my fogs work perfect :thumbsup: for Steve

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ahhh i see you finally got your installer thread going!!! good luck man!

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Vouch for steve!!..took out my rh in 13 min..installed the stock header in 14 min. Did all that less than 40 min. The next day took out the stock header and re-installed my rh in the same amount of time.

On friday Installed my fogs..will take pics later:D
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