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My brother lost his job and does installs on the side at my garage in Moreno Valley. His prices are fairly cheap and he is willing to make package deals with multi-installs. He has done work on my car and a few others in this forum. He is a certified electrician. You can reach him or me thru text. My garage is located in Moreno valley off Alessandro & Graham
Yovan: 951-288-5460
Richard: 951-233-4819
or send a PM
Not trying to take any work away from other local installers. If he can’t or is unable to install your parts…go to TypeS7 he is an experienced installer and is very knowledgeable.
$40 - Race Header
$30 - Full Catback Exhaust
**$60 - FOR BOTH**

$20 - Shorty header or test pipe
**$30 - to install both**

$30 - Cold Air Intake
$20 - Short Ram Intake
$5 - K&N/Replacement Drop In Filter

$100 - Coilover Suspension install
$60 - OEM Springs/Lowing Springs/Shocks Suspension
Includes Height Adjustment, eyeballing toe adjustment.
$15 – rear mid bar
$25 – x brace bar
$15 - c pillar bar
$20 – front/rear strut bars
$30 - Front Sway bar
$20 - Rear Sway bar
$15 - Lower Tie Bar
$30 - Rear Lower Control Arm

Camber Kit
$30 - Rear Camber Kit (Install Only)

$40 - foglights
$30 -Sidemarker Install
$15 – rear wiper delete
I will provide the plug for window
$20 – for any front/rear lip, sideskirts, carbon fiber hood
$10 - Oil Change
you bring your own oil and you need to recycle your motor oil.
$30 - Tranny Fluid Flush
You provide Tranny Fluid.
$10 - sparkplugs
you bring your own.
We do moreinstalls than what is on the list do just call/tetx if you have a question.

mex edition steve
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Bump hopefully things get better for yovan... I might go Sunday for your install day :)

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Vouch for a good guy his work is pretty legit he did a pretty clean job on my side markers highly recommend if you need installs done
Bump getting fogs installed on my girls car, dude knows I like everything nice and neat and is doing a great job
thanks guys :thumbsup:


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i think i might be hitting you up next week. i treid to install new fogs but the guy who had the car before me didnt really do a good job of putting his old ones on

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Did front and rear camber kit, all 3 motor mounts, quick release steering wheel and swapped out a header this weekend.
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