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98 integra distributor help

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yes i know its not an RSX, but i am in a bind. i have asked in several places with no assistance. i know there is a huge knowledge base on this site and am hoping that someone might have an idea of where to go.

basically a friends 98 teg will not start. after a lot of trouble shooting i found that the distributor is not turning when he tried to crank it. i pulled the distributor and when not connected to the motor i can turn the wheel myself so its not the distributor... it seems to be the gear inside the head that is not turning the distributor. anyone have any suggestions on how to go about getting this fixed? if it was my car i'd tear it apart... but its not so i dont want to get too involved incase i get over my head.

any assistance is welcomed.

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If the distributor is driven by a gear on the camshaft and the distributor isn't turning, then the camshaft isn't turning. Sounds like chain to me too. You wouldn't be able to turn it by hand due to valve spring pressure and cylinder compression. A clue that the chain is broken is the starter motor turning quicker than usual.
1 - 1 of 8 Posts
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