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A/C Air Conditioning Removal

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Whats up guys, i just got my rsx-s runnin a couple weeks ago. I aquired it with a locked up engine and rebuilt it. Well i decided not to reinstall the a/c when i put the motor back in and searched for a while on which belt size to get and came up with no luck at all.
So i figured it out myself and found a 6 rib belt thats been working great.
Its from autozone - Duralast 537k6 is the size
That is for the k20a with power steering but no a/c
A k24 would be different due to different crank pulley size.
Just wanted to share this info with this site for anyone that wants to take their a/c out!
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Works perfect! Been waiting for this also. My ac compressor pulley/clutch is shot and they dont make a rebuild kit, although compressor and ac work just fine, it started sounding so bad for a while it sounded like rod knock, making it so embarrassing I didnt go past about 2500 rpm.
Just make sure you get the belt all the way to one side or the other of all the pulleys otherwise it'll squeal. Bravo Hercules
I did the same cuz my ax compressor went out an the bearing whined a lot. As far as tq and hp it's still just a 4 banger rsx lol. Not going to make it much faster if any. I didn't notice a difference.
Sorry didn't mean to offend. But anyway if you look at it that way I guess it can bring back some power but nothing noticeable. I'm just telling you from my experience because I have done it. Didn't make any difference except made the car quieter which is nice
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