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A/C Air Conditioning Removal

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Whats up guys, i just got my rsx-s runnin a couple weeks ago. I aquired it with a locked up engine and rebuilt it. Well i decided not to reinstall the a/c when i put the motor back in and searched for a while on which belt size to get and came up with no luck at all.
So i figured it out myself and found a 6 rib belt thats been working great.
Its from autozone - Duralast 537k6 is the size
That is for the k20a with power steering but no a/c
A k24 would be different due to different crank pulley size.
Just wanted to share this info with this site for anyone that wants to take their a/c out!
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interested in doing this myself, My A/C compressor is bad and I'm curious if removing it would add some Tq or whp. Similiar to lightweight pulleys?
I did the same cuz my ax compressor went out an the bearing whined a lot. As far as tq and hp it's still just a 4 banger rsx lol. Not going to make it much faster if any. I didn't notice a difference.
Just a four banger? You do realize which forum you're on right? Your comment is vague, but I should have re-worded mine as well. Obviously I don't expect a miracle from A/C delete. However, such delete paired with light weight and balanced under drive pulleys should theoretically allow the engine to recover (not add) the whp/wtq that is robbed from the A/C under drive pulley. The NST light weight pulleys by themselves have already been dyno proven to give back 3-6whp for the Civic Si guys over at

Any body with real input?
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