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A/C Air Conditioning Removal

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Whats up guys, i just got my rsx-s runnin a couple weeks ago. I aquired it with a locked up engine and rebuilt it. Well i decided not to reinstall the a/c when i put the motor back in and searched for a while on which belt size to get and came up with no luck at all.
So i figured it out myself and found a 6 rib belt thats been working great.
Its from autozone - Duralast 537k6 is the size
That is for the k20a with power steering but no a/c
A k24 would be different due to different crank pulley size.
Just wanted to share this info with this site for anyone that wants to take their a/c out!
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For the Gates part number, found at most auto part stores, to add to his part number for variety, K060532, cost bout 11 bucks at a shop price.
I heard rumor that there is a 70s model VW that will interchange and is 7V, starts with a C in the model name. I went to buy one, and there is like 3 different belts and I didnt want to screw with it. 6Vs work very well, and has less contact patch to help with hp loss due to more drag. Though wont amount to much, so I jsut stuck with the easy to find 6V.

Oh wait, I think the JDM DC5R is 7V, so if you can read Jap, or search for a part# you could get one from Honda that way.
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