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A/C Whine

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Hey guys after driving my car for close to half a year the whine has become unbearable but it only comes on when the ac is on any thoughts?
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sounds like your A/C compressor is the source. My system just sprung a leak right under the battery so I can understand the concern. The defrost won't work if the compressor decides to go out and that is a major pain when it rains so I would get it checked. If it was just the belt it would make noise when the A/C was off.
my defrost works :) just the whine which is irrating when daily driving and having conversions but i will look into it
The first thing to check is you a/c compressor. If you can eliminate that as a cause you should check for a poor electrical ground causing alternator whine in you speakers. Possibly associated with the a/c system.
how would i go about checking my compressor? some help plz and i'll be referring to service manaual
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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