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A dash of leather

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Looking for a way of dress up the inside on the spousemobile (2005 RSX-S) and actually not certain about doing wood or bright metal inside (wood kit on the Miata has been reduced to kindling by UV) -- but, harkening back to classic cars like the Jaguar XK140, my wife likes the idea of me doing a leather panel for the main instrumeants. I also happen to have some nice red leather from my other car to match the Milano Red.

Thanks to "search", I've read a few topics on 'remove cluster", and to me they're not clear. Do the guages have to come out with the surround? Can they be separated? And, can the "glass" be separated from the "panel"? I don't want to mangle the car doing this, and she'd like to be able to drive the car while I'm playing with this.

Also, does someone make a chrome, aluminum, carbon fiber of other dress-up plate I could use as a template, or am I on my own? I'm thinking cutting out for the warning lights might be the tough part.
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