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A/F 29/1, ignition timing is jumping, mileage is terrible

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2004 rsx-s. It has Hondata k-pro and after the last snow storm it has been acting funny. At some specific speeds with throttle barely pressed in it will start kind of jerking a bit and I lost 150kms range after I gassed up. Noticed that my A/F was at 30/1 while driving and at idle, but sometimes goes down to 14.7/1 momentarily. I have no idea what the problem is. Please help


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Update * when I start the car it idles perfectly at 14.42/1, but as soon as I touch the pedal once, it starts to raise up to 26/1
Another update* the car has been sending me p0137, and p0138 codes. my SO2 sensor is jumping between 1.3 and 4 volts at idle. I’m assuming this isn’t normal. Does this confirm that I need to replace secondary o2 sensor?
In the first picture, the green trace at the bottom of the screen (TPS 0%), is that your throttle position sensor data?
Yes. For that picture I was driving the car. The second picture is showing the car sort of jumping. And the third picture is at idle
Based on that, I would guess your throttle position sensor is throwing garbage data to your ECU. Its dropping out and jumping all over. Replace it.
Why do you think tps? It looks fine to me. This was while I was going through gears so of course it would move up and down. I’m more concerned about the 32/1 A/F value on the top of the screen…
1 - 5 of 8 Posts