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Hello to new members of Club RSX. I made this thread to help all of you navigate the site better and guide you to your next project, help you with your current one, or point you in the right direction on where to search for information.

I like to ask that you search, search, and search some more first before making a thread and asking your questions. Over the years, 99% of everything related to the Acura RSX has been covered by the knowledgeable people on here and more than likely covered the topic you're looking for and/or having a problem with. If you do need further help or having problems with anything, please pm the mods bright blue usernames or an admin black usernames. We might not be able to get back to you right away, but we will do what we can or at least show you where to look for your answer. Anyway here is the main point to this thread

You can click on any of these sections or sub sections and it will automatically take you there. no need to go back or search them out.

Club RSX Forum Rules Every web forum has a set of rules the management team asked that we all follow, please take a moment to go over them to avoid any trouble. Every section has the same rules in addition to a few extra specific to them, but these should at least be known.

General This section covers everything from the new members introduction to forum help. Yes this also is the section where this thread sits now.

- New Members Introduction Here you can introduce yourselves, tell us about what you're driving, and anything else you like to share with us.

- General RSX Discussion This is no longer being use since most of the topics are discussed elsewhere and expanded with more details. You can still read and search in there due to the huge amounts of info we accumulated over the years. New owners related questions and answer can be found here, likely related to what you may be looking for.

- Members Show Off You can show off your pride and joy cars here or your current progress. Take a look at members rides and get ideas on what to do next, then try a chance at becoming a COTM winner!

- Problems & Solutions Unfortunately all things break down, even if taken with care or it was abused in the past. If you have a problem, there might be a solution for you in here and will help get your ride back on the road like new again.

- The DIY Garage Info on everything you need to do it in your own garage. Ideas and step by step instruction to guide you in your project or maintenance. I see new ideas in here all the time, so it is exciting to see what members come up with :thumbsup:

- Site help Forum not displaying for you or something on the site needs to be changed, you can make a topic in here and we'll take a look at it. Also new ideas on how the forum can be made better are welcome, I would like to hear what members think and can suggest to us.

PERFORMANCE BASICS From bolt ons and turbos, you can find info and advise on how to do it right in here. There is also chat threads in every sub section, please use them before making a new one for your questions.

- Bolt-On Basics RSX Type-S Simple power modifications for the type s and parts review. Tons of info

- Bolt-On Basics RSX (Base) Even the base model can make good power with a few aftermarket parts, you can find all that and more in here. Tons of info

- Turbo Info and reviews on full turbo systems to making your own custom kit with all the parts needed to do it right or make it better.

- All Motor For all those who love the NA build, we have everything you need in here.

- Supercharging You can get started on your supercharged build or improve it with the info and ideas from the guys in here.

- Nitrous Oxide Spray away and get that quick shot of speed, everything related to NOS can be found in those pages.

- ECU Tuning Kpro and other engine management system info are in here, a must for those doing more than just basic mods.

- Transmission & Drive Train ITR final drive, LSD, and everything in between is here. See what the guys are running in their race setup.

- 1/4 Drag Racing Talk about your drag time or experiences here. Track related discussions here too.

ADVANCED PERFORMANCE For those with advance knowledge on engine builds, swaps, and designs. Not for basic power mods so please keep those elsewhere.

- Engine Building & Design If you like to do a hybrid build or talk about your own, you should start here. Tons of info

- K-Series Swaps With the right amount of money and time, you can swap the motor into anything. Read and see what some are throwing their motors in next.

- Welding, Fabrication, & Tools Welding and metal work on the rsx or other vehicles, making your own parts for the car. Tons of info, but could be confusing for those with basic knowledge.

SUSPENSION You're not going far or anywhere if these go out. Tires, wheels, brakes, and suspension topics to help you stay in touch with the road.

- Suspension, Chassis & Brakes Tons of reviews and info on brakes, suspensions, and all the bars for our cars are in here.

- Wheels & Tires Using the right type of rubber is very important for what you do and where you live, also the right wheel sizes. There is a gallery what different types of wheels look like on our cars in here too.

- Auto X & Road Racing Auto X events or your experience at the track can be talk about in here.

STYLE How and what you can do to make your car stand out exterior and interior.

- Exterior Mods Reviews on body kits and other modifications on the outside. Want the car to look good? start here.

- Interior Mods Keep everything looking good and clean on the inside. Get ideas from our interior galleries for your car too.

- Car Audio, Security, & Electronics All your needs for audio, electronics, and security systems for your ride in one place. Keep it safe :shady:

- Car Care Keeping it clean inside and out, tons of useful info.

- Lighting Headlights and foglights info/review. Many kinds of HIDs to choose from and retrofitting your headlights for better light output. All things lighting related

- JDM Only For those that like things from the east, part numbers and where to get them can mostly be found in here for the DC5R.

MARKET PLACE Sometimes it is not always necessary to buy brand new or you just want to sell some stuff sitting around. If you need a part or want to get rid of yours, this is the place to do it. Club RSX is not responsible for any issues or purchase related problems.

- RSX Parts For Sale Used rsx parts being sold by members can be had for a price here. Please use the correct sub section for selling or buying stuff.

- Vehicles For Sale If you want to get rid of yours or thinking of picking up a weekend car, have a look in here.

- Other Stuff We all have stuff sitting around, lets make some money off it because I'm sure someone is looking for what you have. Sell or buy anything non rsx related.

- Buyer & Seller Disputes If there are issues or problems from dealing with members in the market place, please use this section.

REGIONAL Check here for local events and meets near you, also a good place to find shops in your area and meet new people. Each has their own chat threads.

- United States Here you can find all sorts of info on cars and anything else related to your area or state. You can use the local sale section to avoid shipping fees on items being sold by those close to you.

- Canada For those to the lands north of US. West and East has their own section, can be a great help for those living up there car related or otherwise.

Site Sponsors Section The vendors info are all in here and often they have deals on their sites. Check often to save some coins on your next mods purchase.

There are some sections that I left out because I deem them non important for those new joins and looking for car related information. I know this is a lot to read, but thank you for taking your time going over this and above all, I hope this helps you better navigate the site and you find all you're looking for on here.

Again welcome to Clubrsx
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