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about flywheel installtion...

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I had never done it before.
My understanding is "JUST" (sounds simple...) taking off the tranny,
un-tide the nuts & bolts,
Taking the flywheel off,
put the new flywheelon,
tide up the nuts& bolts w/ touque as per repair manual,
and... that's it?
Any special tricks or skills?
Or any other things I missed or need to get more attention?
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thanks eric. waiting for my sponsor to get me that 5.062 FD before i put in my clutch and fly.
When you getting me those 75A innovatives! :p

5.062? I have Spoon 5.1 :shady:
spoon rounded up.
shut up.. no they didnt. :( It's an official spoon part. :pray:
1 - 2 of 19 Posts
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