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I have a pair of Arctic Blue Pearl Side skirts that came off of my 03 Type S. I sold the car and the buyers offer involved me pulling multiple Parts off of the Car, these side skirts being one of them. I had Junkyard aspec skirts for years and I finally bought a set brand new from Acura before they were discontinued. I bought them at the end of November 2011. They were installed in December that year, and were removed in February of 2014. So they only have a little over 2 years actually being on the car and are in great shape. There is a couple of knicks on the undersides of skirts but the surface is basically Flawless. They include everything with them that isnt reused from your stock skirts, including both of the strakes that are mounted on the bottom rear side of each skirt. I am asking $300 as they are in great shape and already have basically flawless factory paint on them. This likely is not going to be the best deal for you if you would need to paint them. I also have these on craigslist but I will try to check here often as well, I haven't been on here in a couple of years and actually had to create a new account since I set it up with a college email that is no longer active so I cannot reset my account. Feel free to call or text me though, my name is Alan and my number is 706-594-2532. I am located in Kennesaw, GA. and would prefer a local pick up for now
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