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Well here she is, 4.5 years of slow slow modding and I think I am satisfied enough with the way it looks and drives...let me know what you all think, good or bad. Thanks for looking. Pics first and total mod list at end...

And here is the daily driver....from one extreme to another I guess, I love it though:p

Now for the official mod list-


-Type R front lip
-Type R rear lip
-A spec side skirts
-05/06 decklid lip spoiler
-Type R headlight housings
-Retro solutions 6000k H.I.D's
-OEM foglights
-Shaved windshield washer nozzles
-Shaved windshield wiper arms
-20% window tint
-Color matched upper grill area
-Gray painted calipers
-Taillight red-outs
-LED license plate light


-Type R pedals
-OEM optional "titanium" shift knob
-Club RSX black suede with white stitching shift boot


-H&R coilovers
-Type R 22mm rear sway bar
-EM2 25mm front sway bar
-Mugen strut tower brace
-Megar rear camber arms
-Ichiba 15mm wheel spacers
-17x7.5" +50 Gunmetal Volk CE28N's
-225/45 Goodyear Eagle F1 GSD3 tires


-Injen cold air intake pipe
-RBC intake manifold (with karcepts adapter)
-Hondata intake manifold gasket
-Buddy Club race header
-Neuspeed Exhaust
-Unorthodox racing underdrive pulleys (DITCHING ASAP and replacing with Type R flywheel
-J's racing torque damper
-Energy suspension mount inserts
-Club RSX shift bushings

The tuner told me his dyno reads way low compared to other commonly used dyno's. I believe every word of it, as this car pulls much harder than a 200WHP car. I'd say the tune was well worth it....


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looks real good man, nice and simple. very clean car too haha

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looks great, does your hatch have holes from the wing removed and the decklid put on? im thinking about doing this but i dont wanna deal with those holes

oh hai thar
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nice car, disappointed on the numbers though.. full boltons and kpro and you only got 200.3? damn.. hopefully it runs harder then 200.3

Sweet sounds of VTEC
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Thank you all.

1)sorry for misleading title, I always forget the difference between slammed and dumped:eek:
2)the numbers are definitely low, the tuner told me it reads unusually pulls much harder than a 200car....more like 220 I'm guessing.
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