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Why yes this is a Rookie "What did I do wrong question"

Ok so the car is a 2002 RSX Type S.
The scan tool is the Autel MX808.

Yes I did something sort of stupid (and it was kind of my fault). I was trying to replace all 4 of my calipers, master cylinder and the proportioning valve on my car and I was interrupted schedule wise due to a former employer who... (never mind its a long story). I thought I had all the lines tightened up where the new replacement soft lines and the calipers all were connected. It turns out that I did not. As I came back to work on the change over again and to get ready to do the fluid flush and refill I found that 3 of the 4 corners had nice puddles of brake fluid under the car. Finished changing over all the hardware and tried to do the bleeding and I thought I got all of the air out (or most of it) I got the car back on the ground was going to do a test drive in my gravel drive way.

When the car is turned off, the brake pedal is a good hard feel. When I started the car and backed it out the pedal became much softer. Ok so I did a few laps around my gravel/grass/mossy drive way (up to about 20mph and solid firm braking to a complete stop). Every time I did this the ABS system kicked on (but no light). But the pedal is still very soft and spongy while the car is on. (Ok so I have air in the system some place great). I am pretty sure that when the fluid did its self drain out that I emptied the ABS Module as well. So a good bit of hunting later I thought I discovered that the Autel MX808 Scan Tool would be fine to do the ABS Module Bleeding. When I hooked the tool to the car and tried to do the bleeding following the directions on the tool I got the line on the screen that "This function is not supported on this vehicle".

I believe that the car DOES support this function so all that is left is that the rookie Mechanic (me) is doing something wrong. Either on the car or with the scan tool, my guess is probably both given that this is my first full brake system and total (but unplanned) drainage.

So if I really do have air in the:
ABS Module would it still kick in on slippery surfaces and not trigger the ABS Light?
Or is it that I just still have a massive air bubble someplace and need to do a much better job bleeding?
I told the scan tool that I was in an Acura, but given the age of the car should I have told it is a Honda?
What else could I doing wrong that is causing the car and the scan tool to not "talk with each other" as well as they should be? (the scanner wont read the VIN or a lot of the other "functions" that I was told that it should be able to do).

When I consulted my service manual it just said to have the HDS (Honda Data System) do its ABS Module Bleeding process and all will be good. So the book says that it should be able to be done.

Yes I did bench bleed the new Master Cylinder. No I do not have booster adjustment/check tool thingy (so I did not change anything on it).
Yes I do have good fluid at each of the calipers and no air bubbles.

Also I am using the Motive Power Bleeder and still trying to get it to do a good pressure with out leaking all over the engine bay (I think I have an idea on this and am checking with Motive on if it will work or not).

Any help is welcomed.

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