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Long story short, explosion followed by hissing at highway speed, coolant all over engine bay but thermometer readings are normal both by instrument cluster and OBD, suspected radiator blowout, took off the bumper, saw the crack in the top portion, but symptoms didn't match so kept looking further and eventually found a piece blown out of the AC compressor casing and right then realized that the compressor has basically split in half.

Radiator sure needs to be replaced (along with all suspect/old hoses, clamps, etc), that's not a difficult job - but the compressor worries me more.

I've dealt with HVAC before and know that you're supposed to have a license to work on that stuff, and, moreover, you need special equipment - dryer, vacuum, etc. I'm wondering what do I do with it - it would be a shame to give it to a shop, the repair bill would probably be over what the car is worth today.

Here's what I'm thinking:

- disassemble
- assess collateral damage (I wonder if the radiator was damaged by pieces of the compressor flying out, and wonder what else was damaged)
- replace the compressor and its tubing
- replace the radiator etc.

...and only then give it to the shop so they can properly flush, dry, blow the system with nitrogen, and charge with refrigerant.

Anyone had done this before? Does that sound right? Anything I haven't thought of? What parts usually get damaged by debris flying out from the compressor case?
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