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AC Compressor Field Coil replacement question

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Problem with the AC not working. The clutch was not engaging. Hoping it was the thermal protector I removed everything to get to the top of the compressor. Checked the thermal protector and it is good. Checked the field resistance and it was 0. Looks like an open coil. My question is can the coil be replaced with taking out the compressor? It almost looks like I can get to the compressor from the side fender well. But, I'm not sure if I take the compressor loose that I'll be able to turn it enough to get to the front of the clutch.

Anyone know if you can replace the AC field coil with the compressor in the car?

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Man I'm stuck. There's not enough room to get the pulley out of the way
This where I got stuck. I had to wedge the scissors jack between the subframe and pan to even make it this far

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