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If you are truely looking to cool intake temps you should consider the Aquamist or JR water injection system. (BTW, the JR kit is just an Aquamist system with red anodizing and the usual 25% JR markup )

I found a used JR system for my previous car (12 PSI supercharged B18C1 in the usual 5G hatch) and it dropped the intake temperature by an adverage of 80 degrees (measured with an Autometer Intake temp gauge directly in the manifold) If you run a water/methanol mix its even more effective.

Yeah, the Aquamist equipment is expensive but it works

Just my 2 cents but if temps are an issue (and in Virginia in the summer they sure as shit are) this is the only thing I have found that really works (short of cutting up the manifold to install a real intercooler)

IMHO, spraying water on the housing or intake with have some LIMITTED benefit but as people have pointed out you run the risk of staining and water damage issues.

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