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aftermath of 10k rpms + haha blown motor pics

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hey guys some of you know a few weeks ago my motor blew, here are some of the pics of the block which is demolished. just waiting for the new z1 to get in. :thumbsup: there is a hole on each side of the block btw lol

shrapnal from the block lol

one of the two holes on each side of the block

other hole

bent rod broken in half

chilling by the motor

hanging out in my empty engine bay

haha yea thats them the motor is pretty bad :(
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uhhh pics would be nice but im sure your working on them
i think you need a bigger chew
pics posted sorry guys lol
dammn... that's all bad man! Hope you get it back up and running again.
hahahahahaha get her back on her feet bish.
Thats nothing. Just throw some duct tape and gorilla glue on there and she'll be as good a new
damn that is crazy
he let his freind drive when he was drunk and he went from 2 back to 1 at 8k rpms lol
i just got it fixed, and it was driving like poo ever since then this happened :rolleyes:
1 - 20 of 149 Posts
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