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I am selling my AIM MXL Pista Digital Dash Display from my Civic Type R EP3

It comes with the AIM Hondata Interface which will allow any information that is 'seen' by the Kpro ECU to be displayed onto the dashboard. It will also come with the AIM GPS module which will be beneficial for the track guys as they will be able to see their laptimes on the display without any infrared beacons etc. You will also be able to download the track information and be able to show your speeds, acceleration and braking points and even build your perfect theoretical fastest lap from a track day. Some tracks can be downloaded onto the display. The GPS also gives accurate vehicle speed and G-forces etc.

The display will also come with the full AIM Pista harness so you can connect your aftermarket senders. I will include one AIM temperature sender with the sale.

There is a carbon surround which fits the EP3 dash and it has LED lights in it for the following things from the OEM dash - indicators, oil pressure light, EPS light and MIL lights. There is a separate harness for these lights and they connect to the OEM plugs for the original dash cluster.

Oil pressure, Oil Temperature, Water Temperature, Engine coolant in head temperature, fuel level, Speed, battery voltage etc are what I have setup for the gauge to show but the sky is the limit with the information it can display once you you set it up in the software (free from AIM).

Aim Pista Digital Dash, GPS05 Module, Hondata interface, VDO Temperature Sender - $1400

The MXL Pista is a digital dash, gauge, and race data acquisition system featuring a tachometer, RPM input, 5 analog inputs, 1 speed input, CAN/serial ECU connector, gear position indicator (sampled or calculated), internal lateral G sensor, and lap timer.

With standard features including a wide, fully configurable display, six configurable alarm LED’s, backlight, and USB connector, the MXL is a stylish, powerful unit that re-defines the state of the art in data acquisition for performance vehicles.
MXL Race Data Acquisition System
The MXL Pista and Pro models are powerful race data acquisition systems, used by automotive racers around the world. Powerful enough for world class GT cup cars and LeMans racers, yet easy to own and install. The MXL is the racing data aquisition system of choice for amateur and semi-pro SCCA and NASA club racers.

Street Smarts

The MXL Pista can be interfaced (via CAN or RS-232 serial) with a variety of vehicle ECU's (engine control units) including MoTec, Pectel, DTA, MBE, EFI, Seat, Autronic, Bosch, Racetech and Carmo. Or use the AMP connector and deploy a powerful array of sensors on your vehicle, including pressure, temperature, throttle, steering, suspension, speed, Lambda sond, and more.

The lateral G sensor lets you create a map of the track when you download the data to your PC. This allows you to match up RPMs, gear positions and more to exact track positions to fine tune your driving. By adding brake position sensors, for example, you can monitor driving behavior and actually see where on the track the driver is braking, and much braking is applied. This is invaluable for driver training.

Science over Superstition

The MXL Pista is a self-contained, true data logger that acquires data from all connected sources 1 - 500 times per second (depending on sensor and input type). Using our powerful Race Studio 2 software you can download your data to your PC via USB and get a professional analysis of your performance data. You can also replay the data on the MXL without a PC or software. The MXL Pista features 8 MB of non-volatile memory, retaining data even when the power is off, and has an Auto-Power off feature to preserve the battery life.

Connect sensors to the MXL and it displays, samples, and stores the data from those sensors. For example, you can connect a temperature sensor to the cylinder head of your engine and get continuous reads on your engine temperature. See the temperature values on the display as you drive, and download the recorded data to your PC and review the numbers on a graph later on. AiM Sports uses sophisticated data acquisition technologies in the MXL to make this process fast, accurate, reliable and cost-effective.

Unlock the Power

Connect the MXL to your vehicle’s ECU and unleash the MXL’s true power: logging and displaying dozens of channels straight from the vehicle’s nerve center, including specialized sensors built into the vehicle. This is often the quickest and easiest setup, needing only 1 cable connection to the ECU instead of multiple connections to analog sensors, yet it yields the most dramatic results. In addition - you can leverage your aftermarket ECU investment.

Get the most from practice and training sessions by objectively comparing data from runs using different vehicle setups, drivers, and driving strategies to find the winning combinations.

The MXL Pista uses state of the art algorithms to sample, calculate and display RPM, lap time, gear position, speed, temperatures and more. A GPS module will create detailed 3D track maps.


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