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You followed along while society’s elite drove cross-country, having the time of their life driving, partying, and meeting new people. You’ve seen the ridiculous videos. You’ve read the stories. You’ve wished you could join in, but the entry fees have made them unrealistic. This year the AKA Rally has come to include the rest of us in the fun. The AKA Rally will take 300 cars from the streets of Philadelphia cross-country to the palm trees of Los Angeles. The five day trip will be kicked off with an exclusive pre-party in Philly, and stop in exciting cities along the way, including Las Vegas! You can expect to drive with everything from super-cars to ordinary daily-drivers. Don’t forget to watch out for the tour bus full of models!

The AKA Rally will bring you the same unforgettable experience that you've read and dreamed about for a fraction of the cost. A mere $1500...

The single goal of the AKA Rally is to provide an amazing, outrageous, unforgettable experience for anyone and everyone that likes cars, parties, and adventure. The AKA Rally is not trying to compete with, or replace, anything. Regardless of what you have heard, The Aka Rally is unlike ANYTHING out there, with surprises you cannot even imagine.

The AKA Rally's founders have partied with the best and the worst, the biggest and the smallest, and we can truly say

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