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Whats up guys. I'm currently almost done building/rebuilding my 02 Type-S. It was at 220,000 before I rebuilt it. I have completely re-done the head except for port and polish. So I've decked it, hot tanked, the works. Stock valve train just cleaned and all.

As for the block, I've got all new gaskets, type R oil pump, couple other upgrades can't remember, also decked and hot tanked. Here's my catch, I bored my cylinders to an 87mm (11.7:1 Comp) with Wiseco pistons and Eagle rods.

I also have a full race header, and an Hks HiPower full catback. With a basic intake on it (upgrading to PwJDM carbon Power Chamber intake soon).

Also throwing in a Competition Clutch Stage 1, and 75A Billet Aluminum Innovative Motor Mounts.

Just for the sake, i'm gonna throw my basic parts list up:

ACL Rod/Main race bearing

OEM Honda oil pump, head gasket, rear main seal, timing chain, tensioner, guide arm, secondary guide arm, front timing cover seal, vtec solenoid gasket, oil pan gasket

Hondata Intake mani gasket and throttle body gasket

New OEM k20a2 crank (spun rod bearing on mine and it got eaten alive :dontknow: )

Resurfaced flywheel

Rebuilt head (clean and regrind valves, regrind valve seats, resurfaced head, replaced valve stem seals, bead blasted head, hot tanked)

Also running Schaeffer Full Synthetic 9000 oil

So....My reason for posting is for two reasons.

1. To see any recommendations on extra things I should throw in or what I shouldn't put in or do. and

2. If I go this route, with full break in period, what do you think my chances are for beating a mostly stock (catback/intake) AP2 s2000? Old buddy of mine wanting to run me for a while.

Thanks everybody!

PS. If this is in the wrong thread, can you redirect me to the correct one? THANKS!!:rolleyes:
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