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Alright guys after much work I'm happy to show you my progress. I decided to redo my whole build thread. Ill start from the present and work my way backt. I first off want to thank Steve (vsteve04), He did a large majority of the work and did an awesome job. Also big thanks to all of you who have sold me stuff here and there.

track day videos

Update of most recent changes:

Track day pictures from my last 2 events at streets of willow

Chilling with the OC Crew and Christian Alaniz at SOW

Removed the rear seats

Type S brakes

Mugen Twin Loop

Some old pics of pre 2013

Neuspeed short shifter

Picked up some buddy club RSD's.

buddy club RCA's

With the drop I needed a bigger offset so I traded my torques for enkie j10s 16x7 +42

Here are some pics of the near finished product

about a 2 in drop..I think

And one of my favorite mods

Blitzsafe adapter

Red steering wheel H

got this bad boy on.


Buddy Club RSDs
Buddy Club RCAs
04-05 rsx-s rear sway
Bmax T1R Rear camber kit
SPC Front Camber Bolts
D3 xx Brace Bar
Front ES bushings
Mugen Rep Mid Bar
Rear Strut Bar
Type S Front brakes
stainless steel brakelines
Hawk+ pads
EBC slotted rotors

Bolt ons
AEM Cold Air Intake
DC Race Header
Mugen Twin Loop
Mugen mid pipe

Competition Clutch stage 1.5
Competition Clutch 11lb Lightweight Flywheel

Type R Rep wing
04-05 Depo Headlights
JDM Red H's
Enkei J10s 16x7 +42 offset(Daily)
Enkei Evo 8's 17x8 +38(Track) Hankook Rs3s 235/45/17
Depo headlights

Neuspeed short shifter
Red H on steering wheel
Blitzsafe adapter
Ipod nano holder
black dash
Removed rear seats

Sorry if the pics are too large or are poor quality. Ill get some better/ more pics soon

Next on my short term list

Front/ Rear Bumper/Lips

Future plans
LSD (not the drug)

Master DIY'er in training
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Looks good! Love gold on silver! And god damn your engine is dirty!

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Second and third pic from the top the car looks lowered than in the first pic, either that or it's an optical illusion. Great start on the car!

Poetic Finesse
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Looking good man :thumbsup: I like those rotas, get some 225/45 tires on them. How much do the wheels weigh?

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awesome exhaust... i purchased mine three years ago and decided to take it off until a k24z7 swap. The exhaust is definitely quite and has a better fit than stock. super rare part :)
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